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6 Psychics to Visit on Your Jersey Shore Vacation

Practically every Friday night in the summer, my friends and I would pile into the car and head straight to Seaside Heights.

One evening, we decided to visit Diana, a boardwalk psychic situated on the Northern end of the boardwalk. Her little booth was shrouded in mystery, with a sign out front sporting a picture of a palm and all the secrets the map of your hand holds.

My friend went in first, and when she came out she had a look of shock on her face.

"What did she say?" I asked.

"She looked at my hands and said, 'you work with puppets'," she said.

This freaked us out, because my friend's summer job was dressing up as Daffy Duck at Great Adventure, and the department--shows--referred to the costumed characters as "puppets."

Now how did Diana know this? Was it a lucky guess? Were we wearing our employee pins? I don't think so, but it was such a random thing for Diana to pick up. We were impressed.

Now, some don't believe in psychics or their powers. There are people who are psychic intuitive, who pick up vibes from the people they are reading.

I find it all fascinating, while keeping in mind that most psychic readings are "for entertainment purposes only."

With this is in mind, here are a few suggestions of some local psychics to check out if you are visiting on vacation:

Diana's Readings: Psychic Readings by Susan and Diana: Sadly, Diana passed away, but her daughter, Susan, continues the tradition in the shop's new location next to Jimbo's. The sign still bears Diana's name in honor of the woman who was a welcome sight on the boards for decades. Located at 707 Boardwalk Seaside Heights, NJ 08751 Call: (732) 830-5775

Madame Marie's: Ye olde Bruce Springsteen psychic medium. While the famed psychic passed away in 2008, her grandaughter Mildred “Dainzie” Costello minds the shop. Her other grandaughter, Sabrina, also reads there, as well as her own shop on Cookman Ave. Still a great stop for photos. Located at 4th and Ocean Ave. Asbury Park Boardwalk. (732) 775-5327

Readings by Christine: A True Psychic: Also a Seaside Heights staple, Christine specializes in Aura Readings, Palm Reading, Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings,Psychic Readings,and Crystal Ball. Located at 61 Carteret Ave., Seaside Heights Boardwalk. (732) 830-2179.

Waverly's Psychic Readings & Spiritual Advisor: Rated the #1 psychic in Ocean County in 2012, Waverly speicalizes in tarot, palm, astrology reading, crystal readings and Yoga readings. Located at 617 Route 9 in Beachwood, NJ.

Linda Shields: The Jersey Shore Medium: She's so hot, the Monmouth County based-psychic medium is booked solid through 2016. She is now booking for FALL 2017! Luckily, she has several appearances lined up for the summer if you want to buy tickets: MCLOONE'S SUPPER CLUB, Asbury Park, June 2: MJ'S BUTTONWOOD MANOR, Matawan, NJ June 23; SERPICO'S RESTORANTE, Barnegat, NJ, June 30. Lots of information at her website,

Psychic Barbara Mackey: From Toms River, Mackey is not only psychic intuitive, but she is also a psychic detective as well as animal intuitive, among her many talents. She has a long resume, which includes being voted as one of the United States and World's Best and Most Trusted Psychics. And she is highly recommended by Barbara Walters! Check out her website for more information.

At this point we turn it over to you! Do you have a favorite psychic? Have you ever had a reading that blew your mind? Or do you think it's just better left as "entertainment purposes only?" Hit us up in the comments!

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