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Horse accident

While doing a reading for Linda, a woman she'd seen many times before, psychically Barbara saw her suffer a critical accident while riding a horse. She warned her to be careful. Linda said she had gotten hurt while riding a horse over the summer and that must be what Barbara saw. Barbara emphatically repeated that no, it was in the future and that she could be killed that way. Two days later, she was called and told that Linda was on life support at the hospital; after falling from a horse. Barbara ran to the hospital to see her although there was nothing she could for her. Linda died the next day. This sent Barbara running to her mentor, Helen, in tears feeling,like she should have done something more to prevent her death and that she had somehow failed Linda. Helen reassured Barbara, reminding her that she can not take the place of God and that telling people what she knew was really all she could do. An individual's free will would always eclipse any spoken word. 

Horse Accident
Channeling sessions

A channeling session led Barbara to tell a heavy-hearted 20-year old woman that Katherine was coming through and saying "it wasn't your fault". As she spoke, Barbara's heart pounded and felt as though it would leap from her chest;she felt as if she were being smothered. The woman started to cry. Apparently when she was a small child, her younger sister Katherine crawled over to a washbasin, stuck her head into the inches of water, held it and drowned. Through the despair, her parents hysterically screamed at her, "How could you let your sister drown?" She had always carried this guilt with her thinking it was her fault. She was crying not because of sadness, but because Barbara had made contact for her and relieved her of a terrible burden she'd carried for far too long. 

Channeling Sessions
medical intuitive

A woman came to Barbara after consulting many doctors about with her young son. Her son's teacher had spoken to her about what they saw as attention deficit disorder and the doctors could not diagnose his condition. During the reading, Barbara asked if any of the doctors had looked into a condition called petit mal, a form of epilepsy, causing him to have unnoticeable seizures, appearing to be ADD. Weeks later, relieved and greatful, the woman called to thank Barbara for her insightful accuracy. After being tested, her son's disorder was confirmed by doctors to be petit mal and the young boy was improving.

Medical Intuitive
God Given Gift

Hired to do readings at Steinbach's employee Christmas party in Brick, NJ, Barbara encounters a friend from her old neighborhood. She'd counseled her twenty-five years before when their sons were growing up together. The Cuban woman, Aleda, had been distraught over the discrimination her then five-year old son was experiencing in the neighborhood and at school. Barbara had told her then not to worry because one day her son would grow up to be a famous lawyer and judge, live in Washington D.C. and own his own plane. She told Aleda that her son's bullies would one day eat their unkind words. When she saw Barbara years later at the store, Aleda embraced her, overcome with emotion and said "Barbara, everything you said about my son came to be. He's so successful and happy. You saw it all before it happened. I'm so glad you're doing psychic work. That's what you're meant to be. God gave you the gift."

God Given Gift
money can't buy everything

Since money can't solve everything, even the rich and famous seek out Barbara's expertise for guidance. A famous Wall Street Broker, riding high on his fortunes and constant media attention, consulted Barbara about an upcoming lawsuit he'd felt was inconsequential, among other things. While in his NY office for the reading, Barbara looked around and offhandedly said, "Robert you won't have this office in a year. You will be living in another state and your shore house on the water will no longer be there. I feel the walls are closing in on you and you're lawsuit is not so insignificant. They are going to get you this time." He smiled cynically and replied, "Oh really. They've been after me for 25 years. Where am I going?" "You'll be living in another state and your life after this year will never be the same." It all came to pass. Within a year Robert went to trial and the government confiscated all of his material possessions. His offices were closed, his properties were taken and he now lives in another state. The new owner of his prized home at the shore, leveled it upon possession to build another. This man once known for his ruthless business acumen had fallen from grace, just as Barbara had told him he would. 

Money Can't Buy Everything
hospital calls

Late one night, Barbara's phone rang. It was a call from a local hospital nurse for a patient named Lynn. Lynn had asked her nurse to call because she'd been in the hospital for weeks, unresponsive to her doctor's treatment for what they had diagnosed as an unknown virus. Lynn was dehydrated, had a very high fever, and was close to death. Barbara was told to call Lynn's room and when she did, Lynn pleaded, "Barbara what's wrong with me, why aren't I getting any Better?" "You have food poisoning, you don't have a virus". The next morning lab test were done, revealing salmonella poisoning. Lynn had eaten a tofu pie and the eggs used were contaminated. Immediately Lynn's doctors began new treatment and she rallied. Continued treatment for a virus would have proven fatal. 

Hospital Calls
premonition of accident

Barbara has a considerable history with the owner and staff at a prestigious, albeit discriminatory, health club. One day, as the owner sat in her office with her back to the club's pool area, Barbara began to do her reading for her, errily behind the woman, Barbara saw the figure of a black teenage girl. She asked the owner, "Have you hired a black girl recently?" "No. Why do you ask?" "Well, I see a black girl standing behind you. That's unusual. I've never seen an African American here.", Barbara said. As the day went on, Barbara did readings for others on the club's staff. Over and over the teenage girl came through as a tragic figure at the club. This recurring vision proved to be the foretelling of what would be a fatal accident at the club's jacuzzi a year later. A 17-year old black girl at the health club as part of a pre-prom celebration lost her life when she drowned unable to save herself because the drain pulled her under the jacuzzi's water. The club's staff was horrified and called Barbara to remind her of her prediction a year earlier. The accident made national headlines and is still the subject of court proceedings. 

Premonition of Accident
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