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Time and time again, Psychic Barbara has been able to help individuals with her gifts. Many have been in desperate need of guidance; others have needed her to use her ability to channel to reach those who have passed. Being able to read the body is an extraordinary talent of few psychics. Barbara has repeatedly been able to accurately diagnose illnesses that puzzled doctors. Her medical diagnosis are always corroborated with her client's physicians. Barbara functions in a constantly altered state of mind which at times can be exhausting, but she believes its her true calling. All of the experiences recounted here can be substantiated; either by personal reference, articles in newspapers, or recordings derived from radio or television appearances. Barbara's work as a professional psychic has put her in touch with tens of thousands of individuals.

Each encounter has brought with it positive and negative energies from those in need of Barbara's help, guidance or desperate for her to channel souls who have passed on. Since she exists in a constantly altered state in order to accept the spirits guidance through her work she also has learned the need to discipline herself so the she can get some rest. Literally, refusing some spirits admittance in order to fight off the fatigue felt after being depleted from readings, Barbara has suffered other's illnesses and actually stopped breathing while in a trance and acting as a channel. As blessed as Barbara feels to be able to bring emotional and physical healing to others she sometimes has to go into seclusion to regenerate. 

See how Barbara spends her time After Hours. 

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