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I am a clairvoyant-psychic for the last 20 years. This is my full-time avocation, but I was also curious as to where my gift came from.  I knew my Hungarian-born grandmother on my father's side, Lidia, was psychic herself.  This was only revealed to me as of the year 2000.  It was kept a secret.  And now, another secret has come to the surface.  I received information about my lineage a month ago,  it's called the Kennedy Chronicle and it's documented. I know now without any reservations that this gift I have is not only spiritually based but is also genetic.  What a revelation!  To follow are excerpts from the Kennedy Chronicle that will enlighten you to the story of Dr. Samuel Kennedy, my fourth great grandfather on my mother's side.

Samuel Kennedy was born around 1745 just before his family left Scotland or on the voyage to this country.  Samuel, was a practicing physician in Sussex County, New Jersey until his death in 1804. He also served on the New Jersey Legislature, and was a judge. He was a seer of visions and a dreamer of dreams.  In his thirties, his first wife died and one year after that, he married Anna Shafer.  Now, this is the exciting part.  Twenty years prior to this marriage ever taking place, my grandfather Samuel Kennedy delivered Anna at her birth, and what the Scottish call "second sight", after seeing the baby girl he became very pale and solemnly announced that she would become his second wife.  It came to pass just as he had prophesied.  He also had many other extraordinary visions.

My sense tells me that he not only saw death, but I believe he was in touch with the wonderful things that would happen in life.  In those days, this gift was considered "weird" and his family believed that none of his children would have this burden.  The year is 2004 and Dr. Samuel Kennedy lives on.  His spirit and the gift of "seeing" works through me.  And the freaky finale is that my birth father's name is Samuel.  I know where I come from and the mystery has been solved.  This is tangible proof that genetics determine our destiny.  Passing down the gift from generation to generation makes for a captivating and dramatic story.

Dr. Kennedy wrote love letters to Anna Shafer.  She wanted no part of him, as he was much older.  She had many young suitors that pursued her including Dr. Kennedy's son.  But, he wooed her and won her over with the written word.  These letters are absolutely dreamy. 

Click here to view love letters. A wonderful read!

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