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Barbara is a well known metaphysical radio and television personality in the USA, Europe and Canada.

  • Comcast Network's psychic on CN8's Real Life with Mary Amoroso for 5 years

  • Barbara has been on Animal Planet's "The Haunted" for 4 seasons

  • Guest on the "Love is a Battlefield" episode of the Discovery ID Channel's show "Deadly Affairs"

  • Has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries, Court TV, Hollywood at Large, and The Catherine Crier Show

  • Barbara has created videos for The Learning Annex, New York and Los Angeles, as well as being the feature in a film documentary short: "The Seer."

  • Barbara's production company, Alpha Omega, produces and directs short films and documentaries.

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Psychic Barbara Mackey on Animal Planet's "The Haunted"
Hollywood at Large
Psychic Barbara Mackey has been featured on Discovery ID Channel
Psychic Barbara Mackey has been featured on Animal Plant's "The Haunted"
Psychic Barbara Mackey on Animal Planet
Barbara stopping for a photo break on set
Barbara Mackey with her camera crew
Psychic Barbara Mackey on Court TV