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June 2015 Horoscopes

Capricorn: Earth sign you're tempted to act out of recklessness and that's not your usual MO... Tired of always being grounded and reality-driven, this month you live in the moment and loving it.

Aquarius: Who says you always need to be right? Go along with the general consensus this month. Relax and ride the wave of fun and joining the group instead of being a loner. Being irresponsible never felt so good.

Pisces: You are in for a thrill. Someone you've had a thing for finally takes notice and you are tingling from head to toe. Passion and more passion is presenting itself to you. Now's your time not to play coy.

Aries: Don't fret if a business relationship doesn't work out. It's a blessing in disguise. Love is in the air and a relationship is growing into a committed now and forever status.

Taurus: Wow! Life is opening a new door to money and status. Career change and a mindset change. You've been wishing on a star for a creative endeavor. It's knocking at your door.

Gemini: Dance the night away as a new relationship promises excitement and passion. You are in the mood for love and it makes its entrance with a flair. A past love also makes an entrance. Keep it in the past.

Cancer: Well look who is on a buying binge? Usually worried about that rainy day, Cancer is acting like there's no tomorrow. You go, Water sign, no guilt about your newfound retail pleasure.

Leo: You're on fire this month. Energized and at the starting line for new and adventurous experience. The Lion is taking charge of its own happiness. It's the best time to be outrageous.

Virgo: Don't think badly of yourself if you're not as magnanimous as always. Call in some favors this month. There's a long list of IOUs you can count on. No one is always the go-to person.

Libra: Flirty and not concerned with the world's opinion. You are going after what you want in a relationship based on attraction. But remember you play with matches and you get burned.

Scorpio: Intensely fierce and loyal is your nature, and that will be put to the ultimate test this month. You will be put in the middle of a personal decision that could affect family members.

Sagittarius: You are a real Fire Sign. Live for today and who cares about tomorrow. You have a Scarlett O'Hara mentality. It usually works to your advantage. This month, though, think before acting when it comes to spending.

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