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VW Beetle represents a connection with her past

Q: I am 50 years old and have been dreaming the same dream … on and off … for 50 years. In my dream, I can't find the first car that I had bought when I was 17 … a yellow Volkswagon Beetle. I don't remember where I parked it or it's at the gas station for repairs and I forgot it was there. When I do find it, it doesn't start. I climb in and look around and see how it has been neglected and feel sorry that I had misplaced it and it sometimes makes me cry. I always have another car to get around in but have angst about not being able to find this car. Interesting, my sister has this same dream about her first car. Eileen, Ocean County A: Your first car represents freedom and youth. It says: ""I'm starting a new path into womanhood.'' The color yellow signifies vibrancy and the message: ""Look out world, I'm here!'' You long for the days of liberating joy. Now you are that car. You're 50 years old. Your memory isn't as keen. You don't remember where the car is parked. It's in the garage for repairs. As we age, we will need to go into "the garage'' for repairs from time to time. You mention that the car doesn't start; it has been neglected. You cry and feel sorry that your once-shiny, new and beautiful VW Beetle is aging. Psychologically, this car represents everything you want to be -- again. Dreams, make us long for yesteryear. We may not verbalize our "angst'' in our real life, but there's no getting away with the cover-up in our sleeping state. Everything surfaces at night. You drive other cars, but this one has your heart. Aging doesn't have to be filled with such painful nostalgia. Live your present life with purpose. You'll never live in the future if you're constantly looking in the rear-view mirror of life. P.S.: I think your sister suffers from living in the past, too. Q: I had a dream (which is a recurring theme) that I was in a large, old mansion, with heavy beams in the ceilings and dark wood trim. These mansions, like this one, often have many floors and several staircases. I am always drawn to the back staircase. This time I went up the back staircase to the top floor and opened up a door, expecting to see a view from up high. Instead I was very surprised to see that I was at ground level (the house was built into a hillside) and there were train tracks and a lot of people going about their business. I'm not sure of the significance of the many rooms and staircases, but I always feel that I belong in these old homes. Can you tell me what this means? Nicole, Red Bank A: A dream of a home often relates to our sense of security and emotional well-being. You may also be nostalgic for the past. The large mansion clearly represents stature, wealth and progress in a new financial venture. The many floors and several staircases mean going to the top career wise. The heavy beams and dark wood trim signifies, a masculine feel to this old house. The message being, it's a man's world. It's obvious in this dream your feeling overpowered by the top dog position men seem to have in your personal and business life. Hence, your always drawn to the back staircase. Always in the background never up front and center. You tried to elevate your position by going to the "top" floor, but you were surprised to see that you remained at ground level. You almost attained success. Train tracks and the hustle bustle of people going about "their business". But, you remain the spectator. You always feel drawn to the back staircase because you are insecure. This dream is telling you, go for it. Follow your passion in life. Come out of the background and take your rightful place in the workplace, and with the male gender. Don't be fearful, be fearless.. If you are wondering what your dream could mean, e-mail your recollections to psychic@psychic Be concise (no more than 100 words) and include your name or initials and town. I will do my best to answer your questions. On The Run magazine Humorology columnist and psychic Barbara Mackey is available for private readings. Call (732) 262-7519 or visit Mackey is a 25-year veteran of TV and radio.

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