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Dreaming of baby signals rebirth or a new life

Q: I had a dream that I had a 6-month-old baby. I was very excited and happy. I thought the baby was acting up and I wondered where I could get a swing and some of the new products available. It has been a while since I had a baby … my baby is going to be 16. It's also physically impossible for me to conceive. Then I was having dinner with my three children and I felt nervous about leaving the baby home alone. I wondered if the baby would be too much work for me … that I couldn't do it. The kicker is that when I awoke the next morning, I saw a stork on my deck.

Nikki A: Babies denote the birth of a new life … your life. You are facing a major crossroads. The No. 6 means the time frame for new discoveries to take place. This dream also contains other elements of your life that have been challenging: your own children. They act up, and you unconsciously feel as though you are neglecting them, ""Who is watching the baby?'' Although you were having dinner with your children, there's a part of you that feels as though you've left someone behind. Clearly in real life, your children are too much work for you. The guilt is overwhelming. On some level, you like to keep your children amused … with a swing … but you also desire a completely new start. You feel as though you're not up for a rebirth in your life, it's too challenging: ""This too much work for me.'' Your fear of starting anew and being able to follow through is working on your psyche. It's interesting that women dream of babies as their unspoken connection to a future filled with excitement and their renewed interest in life. You have a classic case of opening-night jitters. You know there are changes coming, but how do you handle them? And you see a stork on your deck. Storks represent birth and babies. This is not a mere serendipitous sign. You are ready for self-discovery. This wonderful dream is saying, ""Push, you can do it!'' Q: I have a recurring dream in which I am lying in bed and there are men and women standing in, or walking around, my bedroom. They don't speak and they are in darkness. In my dream, I am awake, looking at them and feeling very afraid. When I awaken, my heart is racing. On one occasion, there only were two men in the room, one on each side of the bed. The man on my left reached out as if to pull me out of bed. I awoke with my arms flailing and I was screaming, ""No, no.''

Judith, Ocean A: This is not a dream; this is a nightmare. You're anxiety ridden in your everyday life. You're not facing issues that should be dealt with. If you're not aware of the cause and effect of your stress, you need to dig deep. Psychically I'm feeling you're in an atmosphere of fear. You believe you are being taken advantage of. You have ""no control'' in a situation that might be happening on a regular basis. It could be a bad relationship, a stressful job or that you're surrounded by intimidating people. You clearly walk in a place of fear. The flip side of this recurring nightmare is that these people symbolize you … your alter egos. I know it sounds crazy, but the mind creates people in our sleeping hours who aren't necessarily mean strangers. Perhaps your unconscious is making you face the reality of your precarious lifestyle … one that produces images that terrorize you when you are sleeping. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they offer nothing constructive to help you in your waking hours? I suggest therapy, if you can't do it by yourself. Understanding one's emotions is the key to a good night's sleep. If you are wondering what your dream could mean, e-mail your recollections to psychic@psychic Be concise (no more than 100 words) and include your name or initials and town. I will do my best to answer your questions. On The Run magazine Humorology columnist and psychic Barbara Mackey is available for private readings. Call (732) 262-7519 or visit Mackey, a 25-year veteran of TV and radio, will appear from 8 to 9 a.m. Sept. 28 on WOBM (92.7 FM) with Shawn Michaels and Sue Moll.

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