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Kiss on the Cheek

Q: Several years ago before I moved to the shore, I had a dream that actually woke me up. I dreamt that I received a kiss on my left cheek and heard someone say "Remember I always loved you".

I woke with the feeling that I had actually received a kiss. What does this mean?

Thank you, L.C., Toms River A: Psychic dreams come in all forms, when sleeping our mind becomes more receptive to psychic messages. You were visited by a love one, and actually heard and felt the sensation of someone being right there. Not uncommon at all. There's such a strong sense of reality in afterlife dreams. I interpret your dream as someone making contact that had passed and this person was an integral part of your life before you moved to the shore. Psychically I'm getting a loved one, a man, who was trying to tell you "Even though were apart geographically, and dimensionally "Remember I always loved you". Take this dream as a loving message from someone you carry in your thoughts and heart forever. Isn't it wonderful to actually feel a very real connection to those who have passed ?.Dreams afford us the possibility to feel a sense of connection, even when that person has gone beyond. Q: My husband has a dream about deceased people from his past. 1 day later his mother passed away. Do you think someone was trying to prepare him?

Sue, Toms River, NJ A: Most definitely. Dream Phenomenon is quite common.. This kind of dream is not as rare as you would imagine., they are precognitive, seeing the future. Spirit guides and loved ones who have passed, come in our dream state helping us to prepare for the future. Your deceased people from your past were acting as a liaison between you and your Mom. Yes, more than one person prepared you . I had a precognitive dream in 1986, it was vivid. I was called to the hospital to identify my then boyfriends body. The doctor and the nurse stood at the door and motioned for me to come in. "I'm sorry to say but your boyfriends has died, would you like to identify his body?" He lie on a gurney with a sheet draped over him and as I pulled back the sheet, his face was hard as granite and discolored. Upon waking I cried and told him. "His reaction? " It's just a dream. Four months later, I tried to warn him to come home . His response was. "What's wrong with you, do you think I'm going to die? "I was called by the hospital that night to come down. Just like the dream he had died. Eerily my reality was exactly as I had seen it in my sleeping state. So, if you have dreams of loved ones passing, I suggest writing in a journal. Keep a record of your dreams. They tell a story. Profound messages come at night, welcome them. Let the Dream Doctor help you interpret them as I have experienced the best and the worst of that altered state we can dreamland. If you are wondering what your dream could mean, e-mail your recollections to psychic@psychic Be concise (no more than 100 words) and include your name or initials and town. I will do my best to answer your questions.

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