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Stolen red car sets wheels of anxiety in motion

Q: My children bought me a beautiful, new red car last year. I never had a new car before. In a recurring dream, I am unable to afford my car. It appears to be either stolen, lost or I am notified that it must be returned to the dealer. I am frantic and crying in this dream. I would appreciate it if you could tell me the meaning of this dream.

R.J., Sea Girt A: This is a classic anxiety-based dream. The red car, because it was purchased by your children, is a symbol of their love and appreciation for you and your great Mom skills. The car is brand new, and could be a reference to a brand new you. This beautiful red car symbolizes more than metal and paint. For you, the thought of being without your new set of wheels is a fate worse than death. Your subconscious is giving you panic attacks in your dream state. You're frantic and crying. This red car is your passion (red is symbolic of passion) independence, and your feeling of divine freedom. It is your baby, and we all know how a mother would feel if she had lost her child. Reassure yourself that your dream is illogical. It's a million-to-one shot that it would ever happen in reality. No one is going to take your car or your happiness. When you convince yourself of this, your dream will stop. Q: Throughout this week, I've had many dreams. The one thing I remember the most about them is seeing a spider on a white wall. Then the dream ends. The spider on the white wall is the one thing that is clear. Nothing else stays in my memory.

Anne S., Spring Lake A: Spiders are significant in many ways. They can mean money and wealth will,be discussed very soon. Or, there will be an opportunity to be free of debt and the restrictions that go with it. Spiders also may mean that a lover from the past is on your mind. But in this instance, because you saw a white wall - which symbolizes clarity and a change in your thoughts for the better-psychically I'm getting a brand new beginning for you and an opportunity for happiness. The slate is literally wiped clean, whether financially or romantically, spiders in our dreams can be a good sign. Things are looking up! Smile. If you are wondering what your dream could mean, e-mail your recollections to psychic@psychic Be concise (no more than 100 words) and include your name or initials and town. I will do my best to answer your questions. On The Run magazine Humorology columnist and psychic Barbara Mackey is available for private readings. Call (732) 262-7519 or visit Mackey, a 25-year veteran of TV and radio, will appear from 8 to 9 a.m. Sept. 28 on WOBM (92.7 FM) with Shawn Michaels and Sue Moll.

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