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What's in a dream?

What's in a dream?

Plenty, when you take a moment to analyze it. For as long as we have been able to communicate our dreams, we have been fascinated by them, hoping to understand their meanings. Dream interpretations date back to 3000-4000 B.C., when they were documentented on clay tablets.

Throughout history, people have sought dream interpreters for their ability to analyze the nature of dreams. Dreams can seem so real at times, in both exhilaterating and disturbing ways. They serve as an outlet for the thoughts and impluses that we repress on a consious level. Dreams can forewarn, predict, have anxiety overtones (nightmares), provide vital clues to illness and emotional and love issues, and serve as an expression of surpressed feelings. They also can be visionary (prophetic), reveal creative inspiration and help us to problem solve while we snooze.

We can travel anywhere in our dreams or be anybody and do anything. Our dreams can be liberating, allowing us to behave in certain ways without fear of judgment. In my Dream Doctor column, I will help interpret your dreams. For example, colors have great power in a dream state. Red could symbolize passion or anger and black and white could mean something is very black-and-white (obvious). Numbers often tell a story, too.

Some common dream themes include falling, flying, problems with teeth, death and being chased. Also animals, insects, and birds provide intriguing messages. Happiness, joy, profound sadness, even laughing or crying are significant clues into the world of the subconsious. If you're wondering what your dream could mean, e-mail your recollections to Be concise (no more than 100 words) and include your name and town. Please note that I may not be able all answer all of your dream questions in my column.

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