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IN THE MIND'S EYE: Clairvoyant shows how to listen to the voice in your head

That little voice in the back of your head is one worth listening to.

Ask Jeanne Rondeau of the Atlantic School of Insurance, who is so convinced of this, she's opened her business as a site to educate the community on how to better connect to their intuition as well as their spirituality.

For Rondeau, the interest in connecting with her intuition started kind of off-handedly, she said. She attended a similar program offered by Barbara Mackey, a Brick resident.

Mackey, who is known as a psychic and clairvoyant, has used her abilities to work on medical cases as well as with the police on unsolved cases. However, on a real primal level, she has said, the goal is to encourage and demonstrate how to discover, increase and utilize and utilize individual psychic potential.

Locally, Mackey has been working in radio for the last five years as a guest host of 94.3, The Point; 105.7 The Buzz, New York City; WOR Radio, New York City, and currently for the last two years on the Dave and Bill Show on WJRZ 100.1 on the station's "Psychic Wednesday" program. She is a regular guest on Comcast CN8's "Family Talk with Mary Amoroso."

"The first class Jeanne attended turned out to be something unexpected," Mackey recalled. Mackey said she conducted an exercise to get students to connect with their intuition, which involved passing an item around the room. Class members were expected to react to their intuition about the object.

A woman in the group was trying to reconcile her daughter's murder and brought he daughter's ring. However, the other students were unaware of this.

"Here were these novices and they were getting information that was providing reaffirmation on the experience of the murdered daughter," Mackey said, adding this was an exceptional experience.

"I was astonished," Rondeau said of her experience. She had intuited the name of the murdered woman despite the fact she had no knowledge of the connection her intuition had.

"It was a spiritual experience," Rondeau recalled, noting not all experiences that come out of these programs are as dramatic. "I find it can be very positive. So did many of the other people who participated."

Rondeau said that experience is something she believes should be offered to the community. The Atlantic School regularly provides prelicensing instruction for major insurance companies and agents.

"This is really outside the norm," she admits. However she considers this sort of training more of a service to the community than a course offering.

"We think it's interesting to look at other avenues as far as others are concerned - especially in things that effect their lives ... to let people come and tap into their intuitions. In my case, I've always had a good sense of intuition, but I wanted to learn more," she said.

Mackey said the ability to intuit as well as other psychic reactions are inherent in everyone - the issue is gaining the ability to simply tap into those abilities.

"Not everyone is as finely tuned," Mackey said. "How many times have I done it myself, where I'll see the outcome or have an opinion about someone that's the same six years down the line and I didn't go with the impulse."

Today, she reasoned, she's learned not to spend a whole lot of time debating issues or overintellectualizing what her intuition guides her into. Instead, she said, "she goes with her gut."

Classed with Mackey will be held from 7 to 9:30 p.m. every Friday starting May 7 at the Atlantic School of Insurance, 1415 Hooper Ave., Toms River. Courses are offered in Learning the Art of psychic readings, automatic handwriting, psychometry and past life and soul rememberences. To register for the classes that do charge a fee, visit or call (732) 505-8111.

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