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"I met Barbara Mackey back in 1989.I wascompletely against "psychic" abilities and believed that all psychic's were scam artists one way or another.I was very conservative, worked at a bank, was engaged to a nice guy and never ever would spend money on a "reading".My co-workers at the time were all excited about "the psychic lady" they were all going to see.They asked if I wanted to come with them to hear my future.I laughed at them and told them I'd save them time and money.I said to them.... "You're all going to get married, have 3 kids each and live happily ever after."On theday after they visited with Barbara they were even more excited and I, more skeptical.How could a stranger know about your personal life?I still laughed at them but was shut up quickly when they mentioned I had an appointment that very evening!Don't ask me why I went, I just did.

Sitting on Barbara's couch that very first time was nothing like the images I saw on tv.She had a great sense of style, her home was beautiful.Barb didn't come out greeting me with a gypsy costume on, she made tea, was pleasant and didn't askany personal questions.It was not at all what I expected however, I was ready to not give up an ounce of personal information.I wanted to see this "fraud" try and fool me.One of the first things she told me was that I had a broken toe on my right foot.I couldn't imagine how she knew that.I had shoes on that were completely enclosed and didn't walk funny.As a matter of fact, I broke that toe in the 3rd grade and although it was a little crooked, no one I worked with knew about it!She then started telling me personal things in my life. Things that no one knew about.She was so accurate that it amazed me and freaked me out a bit.How could this be real?How could this woman know so much about me?Not only did she know about my past, she predicted some really strange things in my future. All which came true over the following 2 years.

In 1995 I suffered a personal tragedy.On March 31, 1995 my brother Joey drowned in Barnegat Bay.Barbara had predicted a death in a previous reading but when you hear something like that youthink of the elderly people in you life.Joey was 22.Joey's drowning made all the news papers in the State and through most of the East Coast.There were search planes, helicopters, lots of boats and divers all looking for him.Not to mention myself and a group of dedicated friends searching.The water temperature at that time was somewhere near 36 degrees.The experts at the scene finally told me that if Joey did drown, his body would not float but sink until the water temperature was warmer.We would have to wait.Days passed and then weeks.I had consulted Barbara on April 1, 1995 when I heard my brother was missing.She toldme he had passedaway and wouldn't be found right away.I didn't want to believe her and thought "maybe he's somewhere hurt"or "maybe he got scared and ran away to a friends house".Barbara also told me Joey would be found at Good Luck Point.I brought this information tothe Police officer on the scene on the third day ofthe search.He took out a map and stated that it would be impossible with the direction of the water current and that theywill continue lookingin the opposite direction.When I told him I got the information from a psychic he just shut me down and didn't want to hear another word.

Joey was missing for almost a month before his body floated to the waters surface and was found by a Good Luck Point.A couple of months after Joey was put to rest I was speaking to Barbara and she stated she had a message from Joey.It was a message that I really needed at that point in my life.At the time of my brother's death,he and I were not speaking.No one knew that, no one.Barbara gave me a messagethat not only gave me peace but made me laugh.It was a detailed message in response to our arguing, a conversation I had with one of his friends the week before and about things I said out loud when I was home alone feeling guilty about being on bad terms with him.It's always hard to losesomeoneyou love to a tragedybut I was able to receive closure thanks to Barbara and her special gift.

My life until the late 90's was one ofsuffering and struggle.I didn't have a family to turn to for support or guidance.I went through times where I was homeless and barely able to feedmyself.I slept in my car and got to my job 2 hours early so I could"wash up" in the bathroom before anyone got there.Life was always a struggle.Imagine my surprise when Barbara read for me that I would be going to Mexico and Hawaii.She read that I would have children and a real home and my life would be filled with love (the reading I always worried about!).I was a poor Jerseygirlwith no prospects of a better life.I had no family support and had to drop out of my night college classes because I worked multiple jobs and fell asleep during class. I had never left the tri-state area, never mind visiting Mexico & Hawaii.The life Barbara explained had to be someone else's.I figured she can't be right all the time, right?Every one of Barbara's predictions has come true.I have vacationed in Mexico a couple of times and I am writing this from my home in Hawaii while my two beautiful children and my partner of 10 years sleeps.How could Barbara have seen this?How my life is now, Barbara predicted long before it was even a fantasy for me.Barbara is just amazing.

I have been consulting with Barbara for almost 20 years now.Sometimes I just need clarity on life's direction.She has guided me through good andbad and shown me a beacon of light when I needed it.Her gift has been proven in my lifemany, many times from health issues to business dealings.I would definitely recommendher services to anyone!" –Cheryl Santiago, Volcano, HI

"A bad breakup prompted my first call to Barbara. Confused and heartbroken, searching everywhere for answers, I sat trying to unravel the mess that my life had become so suddenly. Then I remembered hearing Barbara on the radio one morning. "I wonder how to get in touch with her?" I asked myself. I grabbed the phone book, sure that someone as well known and in demand as she wouldn't ever be listed, but through my tears, I flipped thorough anyway....and there she was! Right there, listed like everyone else, in the white pages! I grabbed the phone, spilling the phone book off my lap and dialed. "Hello? " I heard on the other end of the phone. I was sure it must be some other Barbara Mackey who probably got bothered all the time by people trying to reach the famous psychic. I explained who I was and what I was looking for, sure that it must be the wrong number."That's me!" Barbara said with a warm laugh. I knew I liked her right away.

The day of the reading I walked in and Barbara started telling me things that only I know while I still had my coat on. I hadn't even gotten to sit down yet and she was already telling me why I was there, what had happened and why I'd be better off for it. We went through quite a few boxes of tissues that day as Barbara assured me that very shortly, none of this would matter- that I would be meeting the man I would marry! She gave me his description, as well as told me that he was "right under my nose".

Two days later I started dating my now fiance. He had been a friend of the family for many, many years. Barbara not only described him incredibly accurately, she even referred to him by name. We have been engaged (which Barbara also predicted to the day) for quite awhile now and are extremely happy, just as psychic Barbara predicted!" –Suzanne Sorensen. New York, NY

"Hi Barbara, I thought I would just drop you a note that you were accurate in your reading with me. Almost 4 months ago I had a phone reading with you and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. I had just started a new relationship and you told me to beware of a love triangle and to make sure he didn't have a girlfriend. I actually did just that as I told him about my reading and didn't want to get involved with someone that was already with someone else. He assured me he wasn't. Three and a half months into this relationship and I feel I actually quite adored him and thought we were growing as a couple...he had a mild heart attack and I went to visit him in the ICU. There Barbara I met his other girlfriend. And as I drove home distraught I actually thought about you and how right you were and it's just unbelievable to me. You also told me that I wouldn't get any money from my divorce and now that it's final you were right about that as well. You also advised that my ex would do something deceitful that he had a mean streak and that I would need strength to get through it. I discovered my ex withdrew money from his sons college fund and without a doubt it drove me crazy. I blew up in such a way when I confronted him that I called my doctor for a referral for therapy as I can't take much more. I hope that is the horrible thing you were speaking about because if it's anything more I won't be able to handle it. I think I was just disappointed in the reading because nothing good was happening to me. I dismissed it that you weren't having a good day and you were off and it probably wasn't accurate. Well...I guess you don't have off days? Lol. I told all my loved ones about you too...I find your gift amazing! Best to you," –Christine

"Barbara, I have so enjoyed my readings with you. So much of what you have said to me has come to pass. Those things that I had thought were not relevant at the time, came to pass 1 year later. You never cease to amaze me. Your readings have provided me with guidance and the foresight needed when a situation presents itself. Be it in business or my personal relationships, I feel prepared. We cannot control fate, but it is nice to know that when fate deals it's hand, we are in a better position to address it. Not only are your readings fun, but they have provided me with hope and the confidence to face whatever life holds for me. May God continue to Bless You and others through the wonderful gifts He has bestowed on you." –Yoli Alto, Toms River, NJ

"I have known Barbara Mackey for over 3 years. I initially went to Barbara for a personal reading. She was so accurate during my reading in all areas. Amazingly many of the things she told me came true in the months following my reading. I began having personal issues following a surgery I had that did not go as planned. I began going to Barbara for hypnotherapy sessions. Barbara always made me feel at ease and the hypnotherapy sessions did wonders for my self esteem. If I did not have Barbara and her help at this time in my life I do not know where I would be today. She would always go out of her way to accommodate me and to schedule me for sessions when I needed them. She is a loving, caring, and wonderful woman. I am truly blessed to know her and am so grateful for all she has done to help me. Thank you so much Barbara. " –Denise Kumpel, Barnegat, NJ

"I heard of Barbara through a friend who recommended her highly. I decided to give her a call and set up an appointment, which I did around 5 or more years ago. I was very pleased by the information she gave to me. She also provided names at the time that meant nothing. As months past I came to know those names and what they meant. It seemed crazy at the time! I was clueless, only to find the names were important to me......she has given me lots of great information. That's why after all this time I still seek her knowledge and continue on this journey with her. I think she is wonderful. Not only is she a great reader, she is a great person..........." –Lisa Gatto, Marlboro, NJ

"It was about 14 months ago that I had a phone reading with Barbara. I was only on the phone with her for about one minute and she asked me who Eileen was. Eileen is my fiance. I was impressed. She then asked me who was the other John in my immediate family. The answer was my father. She told me he was tired of living and was hoping God would take him soon. I already knew this. My Father was suffering from Parkinson's Disease. At that time he had been suffering for about 6 years. He was deteriorating and couldn't even go for a walk anymore. He hated it and she knew it.

She then told me that he was not going to"make it" till the end of the year. I was kind of relieved when she said that because I knew my Dad was suffering. She was right. He passed away early September that year. It was a peaceful death. He went to sleep and never woke up. Since I believe so strongly in the afterlife, I was happy for him. I knew he was finally free and back home in God's Kingdom. Barbara helped my 2 sisters and I to prepare for his death. I am grateful for that.

I also had a lawsuit against me at the time. I asked her what the outcome would be. She told me I would be victorious and she was right. I immediately started to relax after my conversation with her. Again, I was grateful. I can't say enough about her psychic abilities and her ability to comfort a person. I highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with her. She is truly genuine.

Yours Truly, " –Jack from Howell, NJ

"Dear Barbara,

I will never forget the first time that I obtained a reading from you in 1992. I had just lost my brother, and you knew his name was Michael. You channeled him and I was totally shocked.

I could not believe the amount of information that you gave me. You told me how he died and that the person that had caused his death would receive no punishment. Furthermore, you even knew his name and the type of relationship we had.

From that day until today I knew that you were truly gifted. I can't recall a time that you have given me a reading in these past 15 years that your information was not only informative but totally accurate.

In one of our readings you even told me about my current job, and the names of my co-workers. As you can imagine this really blew me away. You told me in this reading that I was seeing two different individuals and named them. You said that one of them was my friend and the other was the one that I wanted to get to know more on a personal basis. You even went so far as to tell me that the person that drove a red sports car would be the one that I would choose. You went on to say that I would marry this man and we would have a child and it would be a male. This all came true and I did have a son.

In another reading you told me that there would be some illness in my family and this illness would cause my family members to eventually pass away. This did come to pass. I lost 3 family members within a 6 month period. You informed me that I would have a psychic experience and I did the night before my mother passed away.

To this day, some 15 years later, I still obtain readings from you. I look to you as my mentor, my family and most importantly my friend.

In these years you have taught me to grow, evolve, and turn obstacles into stepping stones. I believe in my heart that you are one of a kind. You are truly a blessing in my life.

You have helped me make correct decisions in my life and you are a Guardian Angel to me.

Sincerely," –Hazel DiFabrizio - Florida

I had to share an experience from the workshop Saturday evening...

While in meditation I had a vision of being a young man, a hunter using a blow dart to stalk my prey (a rabbit). I had the feeling of being very hungry. The land was flat, red rocks, and a desert like climate. I lived on a shelf on the rocks with a cave for shelter.

When I came out of meditation, I performed the automatic writing as you had instructed and a word came to me "Abatwa". I did not know this word, and when I got home, I couldn't wait to look it up online. Here is what was written:

Abatwan warriors strike out on semiannual hunting raids and despite their tiny size and generally peaceful nature they bring down prey hundreds of times larger than themselves and devour the animal in its entirety with lightening speed (as a group, not individually of course). For hunting, they employ miniscule poisoned arrows and these same arrows are also used in the rare extreme cases when human children attack their homesteads. Fortunately for all, while the poison in the arrows is enough to bring down most small animals it does nothing more than give the child a stinging boil for a few days. In between hunts, the Abatwa live as foragers of plants, particularly seeds, and are renowned for their vast and nuanced knowledge of natural ecology.

Wow, anyway. Just had to share my experience. Pretty amazing stuff!

Thanks for opening my third eye to all kinds of knowing.

Namaste," –JLinda B. - New Jersey

"Hi Barbara,

For the past few months, my father has been raving to me about you and your psychic talents. He has become a big fan of yours by listening to you on the WOBM radio show and expressed interest in contacting you for a reading. Knowing that I have gone through so many changes in the past few years, he encouraged me to contact you. I have had several readings in my life but only one that truly stood out in my mind. When I saw my dad the other day, he gave me a newspaper clipping with your contact information on it. You can imagine my surprise when I went on to your web site and realized that you were the one who had given me that reading years ago that I have never forgotten. I am sure you have seen and spoken to so many people and would never remember me.

My reading had to have been at least 11 years ago. I was referred to you by my hairdresser and came to see you at your house in Pt. Pleasant. The reason I originally came to see you was to ask about my nephew who at the time was an infant undergoing major surgery. You saw some interesting life changes for me that at the time seemed confusing and impossible. I had recorded my visit with you and listened to that tape on many occasions. In time, everything you told me had ultimately come true. I had your number written down in my phone book and about 2 years ago I tried to contact you a few times. Each time I called there was no answer and no machine to leave a message. I assumed that you probably moved and that this was no longer your phone number. I had written it off until tonight!

I would love to get more information on setting up a personal reading for either my dad or myself (possibly both of us.)

I hope to hear from you soon, " –Andrea

"This is a long overdue note to you and a profound heartfelt thank you. When last we spoke I was at the end of my rope. You saw it, at first sight while I stood before you, in the door way. (After a 33 year marriage to my H. S. sweetheart came to divorce. I discovered it, due in part to my life long best friend of 47 years. He betrayed me the same at 14 and another friend at 19. Even though he has been a cheater on 3 wives. He was my life long, 1st grade blood brother. Tighter then his own brothers were.) We sat and you dealt out the cards for me to select from. I was attempting not to give you any info on my problem . I wished to confirm either way by not tainting the reading with a story for which you might build from. I was a skeptic yet with a show me attitude.

When we were done you had mentioned things for which you were not able to have guessed of. You spoke of about 12 things that would come to me, in 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.You had no idea as to exactly when ,but would be presented to me. How I responded was mostly up to me.

The occurrences were like clock work it seemed. The girl from my past that I would know ,yet not know. That had short blonde hair and was to have a uplifting impact on me. Then the offer of a warm location get a way. At this time, I would struggle against my will to take, yet had. It was the most up lifting and awakening thing I could have done. (she was a girl that had moved to Fla. 20 + years ago. she had a crush on me with a 4 year age difference. At her being 14 at the time ,we were in different worlds and I just met the one to later be my wife. She later mentioned having 1 ex husband and 2 past boyfriends named Steve(n) but none of Stephen like me.) She was up north due to her Father being ill. We connected by way of a mutual friend, neither of us knew that she knew us both. The mentioning of one of my sons leaving the business had saddened me. But when it came to be actually drew us closer. While bringing the youngest son closer in to the business. You mentioned a child in my future, it was a grand daughter, within 2 years. You had mentioned the opportunity would arise that I could buy a water front property. That to came , but I procrastinated and later was upset with myself for it. The following summer I found the property again up for sale. This time I offered my price. Even though I was out bid. I gave it a try and found satisfaction from doing that. I later was able to assist my eldest son to purchase his first home site in Alaska. To me this was money well invested. Today they are expecting their first child, near my birth date even.

So even though after my divorce and all the emotional up's and downs that followed. I still believe that had it not been for our connecting when we had I would have done a very regrettable thing to my ex-friend, which my children would have had long felt the sorrow of. I have complete faith that Jesus will see to the judgment and am sorry for the division my wife chose. She has the loss of the respect, deep loyalty of love from her children. That would have crushed me, she has that to live with that loss daily.

I still am not fully where I need to be. I have reason now to go on. I thank you for the life line you were able to find in those cards dealt that day. I know my Mother walks with me as always. A loving selfless parent, will seem never stray far. No matter which dimension or place in time. Love holds no boundary and can be infinite to an open heart.

Thank you," –Stephen - Ontario, Canada

"Dear Barbara, Thank you so very much for your reading on May 12th, 2008. It was confirmation to all that has transpired these past few years. Our family was one of your first clients through the past 20 yrs. Your readings guided us through many trials and tribulations during that time.

I lived in a spiritual community in Florida for a few years. I had the honor of working and studying with Psychics of world renowned status during that period. Yet very few can match the sincere accuracy or informative reading that you have consistently provided over the years. Your gift to assist others is always filled with the Creators' light, sincerity, compassion and exceptional vision. I look forward to attending your workshop in the near future.

Thank you again for your assistance." –M Q & The Moura family

"Hi Barbara,

First, I wanted to say that I enjoyed our session on Wednesday. Second, I wanted to say that 3 of the things that you brought up were immediately relevant:

1) Hospital: You asked if I was going to the hospital. You already knew at that point that my sister was having surgery this coming Monday. I told you that I had 2 moles removed a week ago, but they weren't supposed to be a problem. Well, I went for my post op visit yesterday, and one of them MIGHT be melanoma. They have to do further studies. I should know in less than 2 weeks. I also have to go back to have a wide excision of the second mole, which is NOT melanoma, but which has atypical melanocytic cells.

2) The name James: After I went to the doctor's office yesterday, I went to my father's house to do some painting. My uncle James was there mowing the lawn. We had a cup of tea together and had a nice chat. I don't see him that often, and when I do, he is usually in a big rush to get home.

3) Susan: One of the members of the choir that I'm in is named Susan. I call her Sue, so that's probably why her image didn't spring to mind when you mentioned the name. In talking to her about my "new career" push, she told me about her daughter, who is an entrepreneur who just started her own business. She recommended that I pursue the web development course. This was the first time that I had an extended conversation with Sue. Usually, it's just "Hi, how are you?" I didn't even think about the "Susan" connection until our conversation was over and I was on the way home.

Thanks, " –Cathy - Maryland

"Hello Barbara

I have just visited the divine source of creative energy that is your website. I found your pages to be engaging and entertaining. You are an interesting individual of great spirit whose gifts are many. I embrace the beauty of who you are and thank you for sharing your essence .. You are a unique person and by letting people know of your life you are enriching and educating the public. I wish you a manifestation of higher consciousness and a nurturing environment of creative and spiritual growth.

May you nourish yourself with joy and may you celebrate your passions as you create harmony and peace within.

Yours In Sacred Healing Energy" –Michael Teal

"Barbara, I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday. After speaking with you a few times it was nice to finally meet with you in person. You are a very talented woman and I wanted to say thank you for all your insight." –Cindy - Malibu

"Hi Barbara,

I had a reading done by you maybe 15 years ago at a little cosmic store on Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant. At the time I didn't believe, but everything you said came true, even though I did not recognize or know the names you mentioned at the time of the reading. But over time I met them and you just blew my mind! Then about 6 years later you read my cards out of your house in Brick before going to church (thank you again, for making time for me). I guess you could hear how lost I was over the phone so you told me to come on over. Now it is 8 years later and you are doing so well for yourself. I always felt that about you.

Sincerely, " –Sheri


My husband and I recently purchased a house in toms river. It was originally built by a mariner. Long ago the house was waterfront property and he took apart his sailing vessel and built parts of the home, evidence of this can still be seen in the basement because The mast of the ship is holding up the house. Neighbors, guests, family members have had odd experiences, which I will outline a few below. My goal is for someone psychic to come to the house & let us know whats going on, if anything. Id like to assure neighbors, guests, family, etc that it is safe to come into the house. This house had been abandoned for 3 years before we bought it and we are doing MAJOR renovations. Frankly, I am a borderline skeptic:

  • 3 children in white nightdresses (2 girls, 1 boy) holding small lanterns in the attic when approached the boy turned around & shushed the guest.
  • A uniformed man coming from the woods in the back to the back door looking FURIOUS.
  • Workers in the house complaining about being tapped and a black servant woman following them around.
  • 2 men in period garb playing cards in the front living room
  • 2 separate incidents of people being physically pushed back from entering the basement
  • I actually heard a faint growl sounded like it came from deep in a mans throat (my dog was NOT in or near the house at the time)
  • My husband has doors closing and opening behind him (hes in construction/electric & he knows if that is the reason), he went to bed and the floor was clear around it he woke up to find a group of nails in wood sticking up, so he would have stepped on it if he hadn't seen it. The microwave shut down when he went to investigate in the basement he got a bad feeling but pursued, when he reached to open the basement- the microwave turned back on and has been fine since.
  • Our dog is afraid follows me around we take him out near the basement and he hesitates and doesn't want to go near it.
  • People have heard primal woman screaming for a long minute & they ran out of the house.
  • This is a sampling wed like to be at peace with our house . It would be awesome if you could come and give the house a reading." –Jason - MA


    So weird you e-mailed me.... I was thinking of you the other day. You told me that I would not wait for "bleep" to take over. You told me that I would take a supervisor position.... Well, It's almost August and "bleep" is still not here ....I WAS OFFERED A SUPERVISOR POSITION AS THE NURSE MANAGER OF PSYCHIATRY!!!! You also told me that my nurse manager (of the clinic) may get fired..... SHE WAS!!!" –Elena

    "Hi Barbara,

    It's Julia - you told me to let you know ....About my upcoming exam. You were RIGHT there was a minor disappointment but then success... As you know I had less than a week to study. I started right away, every night 3 to 4 hours I even had someone tutoring me for the math section.... Well I get up bright and early Monday morning to head to the test and I am saying ok dad I think I can do this but I do wish I had some extra time... Next thing you know the phone rings and they say "we've had to postpone the test, the test booklets did not arrive." The test was June 16...and I was one of 20 out of 140 who passed ....I'm sure that was my dads doing!!

    I also think I may take one of your workshops coming up I want to see if my mom will do so with me.

    Thanks again Barbara" –Julia

    "Dear Amazing Barbara,

    I have recently been re-listening to the tapes from, not just the last reading, but a previous one as well. Your timing may have been off but, girl, you are on target with the predictions. It may not happen within the time frame you said, but it happens.

    In October of 2005 you told me you saw 2 Joes in my love life. This reading you told me a friend/romance would develop. Well his name is Joe. You said he was still involved with someone or in a troubled marriage. He is. You also said there was someone else coming along. You said by the eight month. So I am wasting for him. You described him in all 3 readings as light hair with mustache or goatee, possibly Irish. I will keep you posted. If all else has come out, then so will this.

    You asked me who Don was. That is the guy doing my dry wall. You saw repairs in my home or a new home. The repairs are happening and the home feels like new (though currently a mess cause they are not finished). I am going to keep my mouth shut when you ask me "Who is _____" I think I know the person and then it turns out it is someone or something else.

    You asked me who is Cindy. I said Cindy is a co-worker. Well, I recently adopted a kitten. Her mother's name is Cindy. They called my cat Cindy's Casey. I renamed her Jazzy Ivy. In short, Barbara, you never cease to amaze me! Have a blessed day. I look forward to our next reading. Will continue to wait for Mr Light hair. (I think he is Mr. Right). Love ya, " –Jeanne N - Texas

    "Dear Barbara,

    Wendy received a kidney on Feb. 1st.

    You said you saw the number 2, we (and you) assumed that it meant she would get it in 2 months from when we spoke.

    You predicted that a "young man or a boy" would help her.

    The kidney came from a 14 year old boy, we don't know how he died, but his organs were donated by his family.

    Please say a prayer for him and his family.

    If all else works out, as you said she is well on her way to recovery.

    Thanks. Love " –Tony

    "I had heard Barbara on the radio over the years and was intrigued...

    I had my first reading over the phone with Barbara in 2006. She told me many things that rang true regarding my life at the time and some that were very specific about my life as it would come to be. I was in the painful process of divorcing and I was living at my sister's home at this time. She was able to describe my current situation very accurately. She then told me to write down some names she was going to tell me that would prove to be important in my future. The first name she gave me was Robert. She then told me that someone named "Dutchie", who had passed, was present and insisted she tell me that he wanted me to know he was always with me. I knew exactly who Dutchie was and I was really astounded! That's not a common name and couldn't just be a lucky guess. I didn't know a Robert at that time, which seemed odd because this is a very common name. I wrote down the things she told me, and looked back over them from time to time over the last three years. Little by little, most of the information became fact.

    Today I am re-married to the greatest guy ever, Robert! I have attended two of Barbara's workshops. We read tea leaves at one, and did remote viewing at another. The sessions began with a guided relaxation followed by the activity. Barbara then provided a brief individual reading to each of us in attendance. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that each workshop was a special evening that we all enjoyed.

    I spoke with Barbara in March of this year. She asked me who "Kathryn" was. Kathryn was my father's mother; she passed away before I was born, and she wanted Barbara to let me know she sent her greetings to me. One of the pieces of information she gave me has already occurred. She warned me that my youngest son would suffer an injury or illness and stressed that it would be a prolonged event. On March 31st he broke his leg in a college sporting event; metal plate and 7 screws; he will be laid up for 6 months.

    As you can tell, I believe Barbara is the "real deal" and has given me good advice and accurate information. I consider her a friend and her ability a tool to give me insight to what may be ahead." –Lynda Wilkie - New Jersey

    "This is Kris from Michigan I spoke to you on Friday's show.

    I had asked about me sister having to get MRI results read today and wanted to let you know you where correct there was nothing substantial. The N.P. scared my sister last week telling her they found spots in her MRI and she would need to consult with the doctor but couldn't answer her questions. So today the doctor apologized the Nurse should not have said what he did and made her stress the way she did with the history of our mother dying of a brain tumor. The doctor said the spot was small and truly insignificant but they have to follow protocol. He said if there had been several spots they may look at things like MS or possible small strokes because of where the spot was but they can't give us much because it is so small. But they are going to re-scan her in three months as protocol to make sure no changes. So thank you for helping me ease my mind earlier.

    I really enjoyed your show and look forward to listening every week. I just found out about psychic radio few weeks back and getting to know everyone. So thank you for taking my call and I hope will be able to talk again soon.

    Warm Regards," –Kris - MI

    "Just as our reading said.....

    Barb - another passing in my family last night, my Uncle Frank (step mom's side) who has been a part of my life for 30 yrs although not blood. Was going over the notes I took from our reading the other night and sure as sh---t you said a call about another passing. I hope the GOOD things will come to fruition as well. You never cease to amaze me"

    #1 and the best... I have had several readings and she hits the nail on the head. – Dee Ilaria

    Barbara has worked in this field for 30 years a true professional and her name, ethics and documented hard work has already put her in this category. I also have done many interviews on "Psychic Fraud" consulted for Law Enforcement regarding this issue and sadly I see a lot of it these days. Barbara Mackey is the "Real Deal" – Elaina Deva Proffitt

    Barbara has done my readings for the past two years and has been spot on with every reading. In addition she is the only psychic I know of who can speak to naming people, friends, family others in readings. Thank you. – Chandra Stevens

    2I've had a few readings over the years both phone and in person and always walk away amazed. I'll never forget the time she told me that the man who I was involved with and loved dearly had a dark side to him and to be careful. How she kept seeing a man going to jail. Long story short.....this man I was with ended up stealing from me and then only to find out he was in prison for money laundering and theft by deception. Anytime after that when Barbara would tell me to take caution you better believe I listened and thankful that I did. Just wish I would of the first time! Regards, – Christine Jania

    Barbara guided me through my emotions and helped me to make clear choices for my relationship and my business. I was married 3 weeks ago and was able to transition into the career of my dreams! I want to thank Barbara for helping me to see the truth and not acting out of fear! Best Wishes, – Sherry Stearn. Break The Silence! Foundation

    Barbara Mackey is a down-to-earth girl, who is a credit to her profession. Her purpose is to help people. – Roger Thomes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Barbara is fantastic. So sincere and kind. She has answered many questions for me. Barbara has helped my son. He is a young man with epilepsy, autism, some other health issues. It was an instant friendship between Barbara and my son when they met. I know each of them saw the beautiful spirit in each other. How much my son enjoys Barbara. He lights up with happiness and peace. Barbara keeps in touch. & My son had put on of her pictures on his board of honor. Which only carries his favorite people. Barbara gave my son a picture of an Angel. I trust Barbara Mackey. Sometimes when Barbara contacts us. I say to myself... How did she know? Somehow she finds us when we need her. Barbara Mackey is a pure gifted woman who knows and sees naturally. I am proud she is part of our lives. Sincerley, – Loretta

    I would highly recommend Barbara, she has predicted things for me that I thought were not possible: She predicted I would write a book, which I did: Title: "The Complete Astrological Textbook" (Together with Joan Titsworth). She predicted I would lecture, I now lecture at the conventions of the AFA (American Federation of Astrologers). This never entered my mind. She made many more predictions which came true. It would be too much to go into it. I also know of murder cases, abduction cases, missing person cases, etc. etc. which she all helped or did solve. She is truly amazing and an honest and accurate psychic. Yours very truly, – Maryanne Kremer, Bricktown, NJ

    Barbara Mackey should be considered among the top psychics in the world. She has been my mentor and dear friend and if it wasn't for her compassionate concern, my husband would never have detected his brain aneurysm and had it treated, which ultimately saved his life. I am forever grateful to Barbara for alerting me to his life-threatening condition. Barbara's psychic gift is her ministry. She instructs, advises and lifts our spirits through her insightful columns, private readings and radio shows. She is a consummate professional and respects the privacy and needs of those she counsels. The world is a better place because of Barbara's gifts and I am a better woman for the privilege of having her in my life. – Ellen McCarthy

    Barbara Mackey is truly genuine and extremely accurate. One of the best! – Lisa Olivo

    Barbara truly has an extraordinary gift. She has picked up on situations at work and in my personal life that there is no way she could have known except through her abilities. She has given me thoughtful guidance on how to use the circumstances she foresees to help me, and how to avoid difficulties that may arise. She has predicted things that have happened to me months in advance, even if at the time she shared them with me, I did not think that they were even possible. Barbara is sensitive to the needs and desires, and talking to her is quite empowering because she helps you figure out the best path to the future. – D.O.

    After my husband died, she brought me such comfort with what she told me he was saying to her for me. He committed suicide and I had so many questions that were able to get answered. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had with what she was able to tell me. Things that no one else knew. Loved the reading. Can't wait for my next one.... – Sofine

    I have known Barbara for 26 years, since I was 18. She has read for me on occassion through the years. She is an exceptionally gifted woman who I have seen grow over these years. Best regards, – Greg Vasil

    Barbara Mackey is one of the most accurate and professional Psychics I have known. – Robert Clarke

    I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara on two seasons of "The Haunted" on Animal Planet. These were cases that were conducted in full with no interference from the production company but were later put together for the show. This allowed me to see the high level of skill Barbara had knowing she was not performing. Barbara had a lot of pressure put on her and that her work would also later be looked at, I'm sure was in the back of her head. With all that, Barbara did an outstanding job in providing essential information that my team, The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association used to assist our clients. We were able to validate almost all of Barbara's information with historic research. What was even more impressive was the compassion that Barbara showed in helping spirits that were trapped as well as the clients which called us in to help. Barbara has become a great friend to the PPA and someone we can call on in a minute for help if needed! Thank you for your time! – Mark A. Keyes Director- The PPA Host- Paranormal Science Radio

    \In my reading she has proved to be very accurate and spot on . She is warm and inviting which makes for trusting and open dialog. I would highly recommend Ms. Mackey. Regards – Larry Meccariello

    Not only is she so gifted but she is a wonderful down to earth person. She has made a difference in my life! Thank you, – Patti Sutton

    Barbara Mackey is blessed with the psychic gift. She has always been right on the money with me! She is a teasure! –Kevin Farrell

    Wish to send in a vote for Barbara Mackey. In the past dealings with her, she was right on about things we discussed Sincerely – Ben van Bergen

    I hope this email finds you well! I am casting my vote for Barbara Mackey as an incredible psychic, and one of the best in the world! She worked on a case of a friend of mine who was missing, named Jennifer Pammer. She was on target with all of the messages she received from Jen in spirit, and I will always be grateful to her for lending her talents. She has a real gift and the world needs to know about it! Many blessings, – Cheri Gallagher